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     In the middle of the 15th century Europe, there was a small country princess who is very beautiful, everybody was amazed by her beauty, all countries prince tried to pursue her and wish to marry her .As the princess country is small, and national strength is weak, the old king was worried about this ,he didn’t want to offend any country. Princess saw his father worried about this very much, she had a good ideal and told her father that she loved refreshments too much, so every pursuer should prepare for a kind of refreshments, she would choose her favorite refreshments and marry the one who prepared this refreshments. Britain’s prince Edward was also princess’ admirer, but he didn’t offer the ready dessert to the princess, and tried to recruit many excellent chefs, he wanted to make the best refreshments in the world for his sweetheart. After studying for a whole month, the prince has experienced several sleepless nights, in the end, princess tasted Edward’s dessert, just as shining at that moment, princess loved the refreshments very much, his cookies is soft and sweet, nice and delicious. You can imagined that beautiful princess married Edward prince. In honor of this hard-earned love, Edward entitled his dessert as “royal cookies”, hence ,royal cookies became popular between royalty and nobility. At the present time, ROYAL COOKIES become one of the UK’s favorite snack.